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Woman turns her passion for calligraphy into a successful business

Prominent clientele includes luxury brands, magazines, hotels, and museums.

Meet Katrina Lariza Centeno, the highly artistic and talented founder of Calligraphy Katrina, Inc. she started this business to earn extra money during college. Her breakthrough was when her soon-to-be-wed-friend asked Katrina to address her wedding envelopes; Katrina started looking at her options.  With $10 to buy a pen and a pack of envelopes, she started writing her first bride’s envelopes on their dining table.  That initial project landed a very encouraging write-up in the famous wedding blog.

Consequently, her innate writing skill finally found its way from her adopted home in Pasadena, California to the celebrity-infested Beverly Hills. What began as a trickle of hesitant brides soon blossomed into a hoard of excitedly anticipating brides overly eager enough to trust their once-in-a-lifetime wedding into Katrina’s fabled hands.  PR companies followed suit. Calligraphy Katrina was finally born. In less than 2 years, at a relatively young age of 21, Katrina’s distinctive calligraphic styles have become a byword synonymous to luxury, class, and hauteur. To date, Calligraphy Katrina’s rapidly growing prominent clientele includes luxury brands, magazines, hotels, and museums.  Katrina’s work can also be found in numerous online blogs and magazines such as Style Me Pretty, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Utterly Engaged, Inside Weddings, and more!

It’s a great idea for those who are either blessed with or have developed penmanship. You can use these skills and turn them into a business like Katrina did. You can start by making a Facebook page and showcasing your work. You can follow Kartina’s suit or go your own way. Currently, customized clothing  and household items like shirts, bags, shoes and cushions are such a fad. If custom printed ones could work. This would too. So, wear your work gloves and get work. All the best from us!


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