Shazia Asad
Karachi, Pakistan

    Rs.899 Rs.1200
    Rs.1500 Rs.1800
    Rs.1200 Rs.2000
    Rs.3000 Rs.4300
    Rs.1300 Rs.1750
    Rs.1900 Rs.3249
    Rs.1900 Rs.2500
    Rs.629 Rs.829
    Rs.1300 Rs.1500
    Rs.1500 Rs.1850
    Rs.2599 Rs.3200
    Rs.1800 Rs.2500
    Rs.849 Rs.1019
    Rs.1900 Rs.2500
    Rs.1800 Rs.2200
    Rs.350 Rs.500
    Rs.1300 Rs.1500
    Rs.125 Rs.229
    Rs.179 Rs.359
    Rs.1600 Rs.1895
    Rs.599 Rs.699
    Rs.990 Rs.1200
    Rs.749 Rs.849
    Rs.350 Rs.450
    Rs.1495 Rs.1695
    Rs.2700 Rs.5300
    Rs.1999 Rs.2200
    Rs.1900 Rs.2000

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